Saturday, December 05, 2020

Employee Benefit Centers®

Employee Benefit Centers® (unique to Members of United Benefit Advisors) are robust and company-specific portals that contain benefit information and other communications.  Infused with modern technology, these workforce-focused portals are tailored to the unique needs of individual companies.  Improving communication while reducing the workload of busy HR departments, they place benefit information at the fingertips of a web-focused and mobile-enabled generation of workers.

Employers and Employees

If you are attempting to reach your company's EBC but are landing on this page, the URL you are attempting to access may be incorrect.  Please recheck the URL and try again.  If you need assistance, please contact your local United Benefit Advisors Member for assistance.

If your company does not yet have an EBC, your UBA Member can assist you.  You may use the UBA Advisor Locator to locate an advisor in your area.

UBA Members

If you are a UBA Member and are reaching this page, you will need to access the EBC maintenance feature through the Wisdom Network®.  Login to the Wisdom Network® and navigate to My UBA --> EBC Maintenance.

Additionally, you may reach this page if your session has been idle too long.  In this case, again, simply re-enter the maintenance screen via the Wisdom Network®.
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