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As an employee of the City of Chattanooga, you are one of our most valuable resources. While everyone experiences stress, sometimes the effects of too much stress can disrupt work performance and personal well-being.  The EAP/Guidance Resources Program is designed to help you and your family members deal with problems before they become unmanageable.  This program is provided to you by ComPsych.

The EAP/Guidance Resources provides you and your eligible household members with confidential access to assistance and resources to help you live and work well. You have 24/7 online access to targeted resources and six in-person counseling sessions, per issue.

The consultants partner with you to find something for both work and life challenges. They offer counseling and support service on many issues, such as depression, grief, relationship problems,  alcohol/drug abuse, legal issues, financial pressures & problems, stress, anxiety, identity theft, and more.

Consultants can be reached directly at 844-268-5475 or online at


Additional Services Provided

When you need help with non-acute emotional, mental or behavioral problems such as depression, anxiety, relationships or alcohol and drug problems, an EAP consultant will help assess the situation and will provide telephone problem resolutions consultations or may authorize up to eight office visits with a counselor in your area.

The consultant may also assist you in obtaining behavioral health treatment, if needed, through your health plan.

Ask your Human Resources representative to provide you with more information on this valuable service.