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The Vision plan is designed to encourage you and your family to visit the optometrist or ophthalmologist regularly to maintain your vision health. 

The Vision Plan described below can be purchased with monthly premiums and offers covered benefits for exams, glasses and contacts. 

This is an Eye Med Benefit adn you must use a Provider that is In-Network with BCBST/Eye Med to receive the full In-Network Benefit. 

For more information and for a list of providers, visit

Benefit/Frequency In-Network         Out-of-Network
Exams Once every 12 months
Frames Once every 24 months
Lenses (includes contacts) Once every 12 months
Standard Exam with dilation $10 copay $35 allowance
Contact Lens Fitting (follow up) $55 copay N/A
Contact Lens (conventional & disposable) $0 copay; $150 allowance $120 allowance
Medically Necessary Contact Lenses Paid-in-full $200 allowance
Frames $150 allowance $75 allowance
Single Vision Lenses $25 copay $30 allowance
Bifocal Lenses $25 copay $45 allowance
Trifocal Lenses $25 copay $60 allowance
Progressive Lenses $65 additional copay $45 allowance
UV coating, tint, or standard scratch resistance $15 copay each N/A
Polycarbonate Lenses $0 or $40 copay up to $5 allowance
Anti-reflective coating $45 copay N/A
Other frames & lens options 20% of retail N/A



Monthly Rates

Customer Service: 800.565.9140 - general information


Monthly Rates

Employee $5.52
Dmployee & Child(ren) $11.32
Empoyee & Spouse $10.80
Family $16.08