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BCBST Lifestyle Benefits

Nurse Line
The Healthy Focus Coaching On Demand is an option of your WellAdvantage program for health coaching for those who live in rural areas, work shifts or have other commitments that make it hard to attend face-to-face health coachings or meetings. This program includes 24/7/365 inbound telephonic health coaching and decision support. All eligible employee will receive an initial mailing inviting them to call for any symptom, condition or health related issue. Health coaches use motivational interviewing principles on every call, and every call is viewed as an opportunity to educate and reinforce existing resources. This model typically includes at least one scheduled follow up outbound call. Beyond that, our coaches are encouraged to supplement their coaching conversations with mailed materials, including educational booklets with DVDs when appropriate. You can reach the Nurse Line at 800.818.8581.

Maternity Management
The Precious Cargo program performs risk assessments to identify women at risk for pre-term birth and other pregnancy-related complications for women at less than 34 weeks gestation. Risk assessments are used to stratify participants into different levels of risk, such as at-risk or no-risk. All participants identified as at-risk pregnancies are referred to the High Risk OB Program for care management. Based on the member’s risk level, educational materials are sent targeting the specific needs of each participant along with general pregnancy and wellness information, and text4baby messaging.

The 24/7 BabyLine, a maternity nurseline, offers support and answers questions through telephonic interactions with experienced perinatal nurses. Once risks are identified, members receive ongoing clinical support from high-risk OB case managers. A postpartum follow-up is conducted and all members are provided a reminder for a postpartum check-up. The toll-free number remains available for 6 weeks post-delivery. As an incentive, gift cards are distributed at the end of the program to encourage ongoing engagement in the program. The BabyLine can be reached at 855.467.2229.

Blue Perks
Special BluePerks discounts help you make healthy lifestyle choices with savings of up to 50% on a wide range of health-related products and services - including gym memberships, LASIK eye surgery, massage therapy, hearing aids, prescriptions and more.

BluePerks are only offered to BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee members. Start using them today! Log in to BlueAccess, the BCBST members-only website, and look for the BluePerks link. For more details, visit or call Customer Service at the number on your member ID card.

Health Navigator
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes commitment. We have a health navigator that is here to help you succeed. Our health navigator also works closely with the Well Advantage Clinic to ensure you are getting the most benefit from your current plan.

Our trained staff member works with you to identify programs that could positively impact your long-term health. Once appropriate programs are identified, the health navigator acts as a liaison to connect you to the appropriate resources.


Contact Information

Nurseline: 800.818.8581

Maternity Management Babyline:


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Health Navigator: 423.643.7983 - general information