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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

If you are looking to enroll for benefits for Open Enrollment please go to the Benefits Open Enrollment Tab on the Payroll & Benefits Website.

Welcome to the Dysart Unified School District's Employee Benefits Center, your online employee benefits manual. This site has been created to provide you with an efficient way to obtain information and answers to your questions regarding your employee benefit plans on a 24/7 basis.

Your benefits are an important part of your total compensation, so we invite you to familiarize yourself with details of these plans and encourage you to seek clarification when necessary. Our goal is to empower you through this tool to meet your specific needs, as well as enhance your understanding of our benefit program. Specifically, you will have access to the various benefit summaries, forms, and links to important sites.

We understand that employees are our most valuable resource. Therefore, we are committed to providing you with the richest and most cost-effective benefits programs possible. Should you have any questions regarding your benefits, we invite you to contact our Benefits Department at (623) 876-7924 or email

Register today for the BlueNet Member Portal to access interactive tools, services and online resources available to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona members.

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To Register: 

1.  Go to

2.  Under Register for BlueNet, click “Member.”

3.  Enter the required registration information, and then choose a login ID, a password and a back-up security question.

4.  Review the terms and conditions of the web site and mark the check box stating that you read and agree to the Online Services Terms of Use, then click “Submit.”

5.  Congratulations! You should receive a Confirmation page. You are now registered for BlueNet online services. You may now select “Login to BlueNet” and explore all of the services available to You on BlueNet.

If you should need assistance during the registration process, please contact the BCBS eSolutions staff at (602) 864-4844 or (800) 650-5656, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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Diane Kuzmyn
Payroll & Benefits Specialist
Phone: 623-876-7854
Fax: 623-876-7902

Josie Martinez
Payroll & Benefits Specialist
Phone: 623-876-7083
Fax: 623-876-7902

Stacie Salo
Payroll & Benefits Specialist
Phone: 623-876-7924
Fax: 623-876-7902

Janis Peel
Payroll & Benefits Supervisor
Phone: (623) 876-7950
Fax: (623) 876-7902

Candice Crow
Payroll & Benefits Manager
Phone: 623-876-7063
Fax: (623) 876-7902

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