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Crafting a quality benefits package that will help you recruit and retain the best employees is no easy task, and trying to do it in an information vacuum is even harder.  Employers who are informed about what their competitors are thinking, however, have an edge when making benefit decisions.  The UBA Benefit Opinions Survey can give employers unique insights into current benefit trends and strategies.  The survey, which contains opinions from employers across the nation, covers such areas as health care strategy, benefits philosophy, plan management and more.  Ask us today about this pwoerful survey and how it can guide you in your benefits and HR-related decisions

Benchmarking data from the UBA Benefit Opinion Survey can help you gauge the latest benefit trends from your peers and competition, such as:

  • What are employers doing to control health care cost?
  • What are employers planning to do in the wake of health care reform?
  • Are employers moving toward health savings accounts or health reimbursement arrangements?
  • What sort of communication tools are employers using to educate their workforce about their benefits?
  • Are employers thinking about changing their funding strategies?

The Benefit Opinions Survey serves as a companion piece to the UBA Health Plan Survey, the nation's largest  and most comprehensive survey of U.S. health plans, with validated responses of more than 16,000 health plans sponsored by nearly 11,000 employers, consisting of nearly 5 million lives.

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