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We call it “The Annual Shipwreck,” the annual double digit health plan increases, premiums doubled in the last 7 years.  You’ve cost shifted yet again by gradually increasing employee premium contribution and reducing benefits through increased copayments.  You may change carriers.  Profits are sinking; so is employee take home pay.  Your crew members are not happy.

  • Employees do not understand what the company does for them
  • Leading to a lack of appreciation and emotional engagement
  • Resulting in increased turnover
  • Employees are unaware of how their behaviors impact the bottom line
  • Leading to a decrease in productivity
  • Resulting in a declining culture of health and escalating cost
  • A lack of trust between employees and management
  • Leading to a workforce which is suspicious and resentful of your efforts
  • Resulting in employees who are not emotionally invested in the company

The Blue Ocean Initiative is a unique consultative approach beginning with Discovery and a conversation unlike any you have probably had before. We begin with coming to understand your situation. We will look at your company through the lens of: employee engagement, advocacy, communication, education and training, plan cost management, and efficiency and technology.

After the Discovery Phase, we come back to you with a Blue Print, a tangible set of recommendations custom tailored to your situation ready for implementation:

  • Building your company’s human and enterprise capital
  • Your becoming an employer of first choice
  • Creating a motivated, loyal and productive workforce
  • Making your internal stakeholders, “Your Employees”  become “Raving Fans”;

Resulting in increased efficiencies, effectiveness, and productivity, adding new profitability which drops right to the bottom line at little or no additional cost.

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