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Our Company…

·        Our Employees feel we have moved in a positive direction, paying attention to their overall well-being. They feel better about   their work environment and employment prospects.

·         Has a clear picture of employee needs, desires and concerns responding quickly, in an appropriate and effective manner.

·         Has a good match of quality benefits and economic strategies in place to address future benefit cost increases.

·         Potential new hires are impressed by our procedures, benefits, overall employee morale and their positive vision of the Company’s future.

·         Management has complete confidence that HR is in complete compliance and meeting all State and Federal rules and regulations.

·         Our Employees have increased knowledge, full understanding and appreciation of their benefits

·         Our Executives and Shareholders feel we have fully maximized their income growth and equity potential.

·         Our company feels it has established a partnership and consultative relationship with Fredericks Benefits, where there is ongoing exchange of ideas, strategies, referrals, capabilities and measurable value.

·         Our Company and Employees have complete confidence that Fredericks Benefits has positioned us with the right providers, plans, representatives and has made sound decisions and will provide outstanding coverage, service, capabilities and return on investment.

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