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Benefits communication presents a sizable challenge for human resource departments because employees often don't think about their benefits until they need them.  Passing out handouts or sending the occasional email still leaves many employees in the dark.  The Employee Benefit Center® (EBC) can keep your employees informed about their benefits and save you time, money and energy.  This online portal, accessible to employees, can provide a wealth of information on all your employee benefits as well as all necessary forms.  Instead of handing out pieces of paper and answering tons of questions, let your EBC provide your employees with the knowledge they need to use and appreciate their benefits package.

Why EBC?

Great for Employers: EBCs streamline your benefits communication and frees you to concentrate on the more strategic functions of your job by:

  • Organizing employee benefits information in one place. Existing documents can be uploaded to your online file library
  • Increasing your efficiency by reducing routine benefits inquiries
  • Saving money by eliminating printing and distribution costs
  • Reducing costs when plans or policies change (no need to make new paper copies)
  • Allowing you to update information with an easy-to-use online editor, giving you the power to control the level of detail provided

Great for Employees: EBCs can help employees take advantage of their benefits package by:

  • Providing a one-stop spot to find company benefits information and forms
  • Providing consistency of information, reducing the possibility of misunderstanding
  • Offering a search feature that gives quick access to benefits information, provider directories, SPDs, FAQs, forms and other content
  • Quick financial calculators and Wellness Manager, with an illustrated medical encyclopedia, drug interaction checker, chronic care guides and more


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