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There's no shortage of health, financial and benefits websites on the Internet.  But how will your employees know which ones to use to make the best decisions as a member of United Benefit Advisors®, our firm can offer you exclusive access to the Employee Resource Center (ERC), a vast online library of links to credible, high-quality health and financial websites. The ERC can help your employees and their families find accurate information about the major issues in their lives, helping them be more proactive in making health and financial decisions.  This one-stop information hub eliminates the hassle of general Internet searches and provides resources quickly in a simple format.

Why the ERC?

Health Resources: The ERC houses a large number of government and private sector web destinations on such topics as:

  • Nutrition and Fitness
  • Senior health
  • Children's health
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Health Calculators
  • Mental health issues
  • Disease risk assessment

Financial Resources: The ERC can help employees plan their retirement and cope with current financial challenges with links to such topics as:

  • Household budgeting
  • College planning
  • Taxes
  • Credit and debt
  • Insurance
  • Home and auto purchasing
  • Estate planning

...And Much More: The ERC also has resources to find volunteer opportunities, learn about auto safety, and can even keep you abreast of weather warnings.

A Resource for Everyone: The ERC is designed for all age groups, and content is appropriate for children and adults.

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