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Leadership and Employee Engagement

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In today’s economy, employers may not be looking to attract new employees, but they certainly need to retain the good ones they have.  As the economy rebounds, they must ask themselves:

  • Do I have a culture where employees are fired up and bonded together for success or burned out and heading for the exit?
  • How do we create a culture that gets employees to give of their discretionary effort?
  • How do we engage?

Unique to Inland Southern California, Fredericks Benefits with its strategic partner, Leader Labs, brings to CEOs the 2012 Executive Round Table, “Leadership and Employee Engagement”.  This forum has been developed by business leaders and PhD levels professors from West Point, applying leadership principles to the corporate setting. The purpose is to raise awareness and inspire action by creating a safe environment for CEO’s to discuss this critically important as they shares ideas, concerns, and solutions.  We are committed to improving the momentum and dynamic of American Business.

Topics to be addressed:

  • How do you get your employees to bring their best effort each day?
  • As you grow, is your culture scalable?
  • Do your senior people manage or lead
  • Are they transactional or transformational?
  • Do you train leaders to be empathic and inspirational, maintaining or improving the quality and productivity of your organization?
  • Do you have metrics to measure these things?

What can CEO’s expect from the forum?

  • New knowledge regarding Leadership and Engagement in the workplace
  • Common “People” challenges faced by other CEO’s
  • What other CEO’s are doing to engage and inspire their teams.
  • Insights from the program utilized by the U.S. Military Academy to create empathic leaders of character.

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