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Although most health care claims are processed with highly automated claims paymet systems, insurance companies and third-party administrators still rely on humman effort to make those systems work.  Consequently, claims errors can result from human misinterpretation of plan language, flawed record keeping systems or other factors.  BMI Audit Services can reduce the headaches and costs caused by effectively helping you and the claim administrator implement corrective actions to minimize errors and stop payment of benefits not intended by the plan.  BMI can pinpoint the weaknesses in your plan operations and ease the administrative costs and hassles of your self-insured plan.

Monitoring your health plan claims can make your plan run smoothly and keep costs down. BMI can help you improve:

  • Process development: By identifying weaknesses early, future health operations are improved, thus providing improved consistency and reduced future costs
  • Internal audit oversight: BMI conducts due diligence to ensure proper payments are withdrawn from your account
  • Confirmation of payment accuracy: BMI gives you peace of mind that payments are accurate

Top-Notch Technology: BMI can conduct an electronic audit of 100 per cent of all claims data

Expert Staff: BMI's audits are reviewed by personnel with expertise in benefit plans, claims payment systems, claims auditing and clinical services

Effective Results: BMI can develop corrective actions to minimize errors and eliminate incorrect payments, helping you to avoid future claims problems

Fair Fees: Because BMI's fees are not contingent on recovery of overpayments, it can more objectively help the plan sponsor monitor and correct their claims process

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