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Employers face a range of unknowns - including cost - when contemplating a change in plan design.  As members of United Benefit Advisors®, we can help you make the best decisions for your company with the UBA PriceMODELER analytical tool.  This solution, powered by a Reden & Anders database, provides accurate projections of the cost implications from a change in benefit plan designs with the same data used by actuarial consultants to assist in pricing the management of health insurance products.  PriceMODELER allows employers to examine a variety of cost-saving options for various benefits, including self-insured plans; large, fully insured plans; and even defined contribution retirement plans.

PriceMODELER can help you discover the cost implications of several factors that affect benefits plans, such as:

  • Changes in medical and prescription plan designs
  • Changes in demographics
  • Changes in locations
  • Changes in retention costs or trend

In addition, this tool can:

  • Help employers develop premium rates
  • Analyze regional variations in utilization rates and average medical costs
  • Provides variations in utilization and cost for 459 separate metropolitan areas
  • Integrates MSA charge levels and area Medicare RBRVS payment levels as a basis for unit cost/reimbursement-level development
  • Adjusts utilization expectation based on your company's demographics and locations
  • Allows for combination of HMO and major medical benefit structures for numerous specific medical service categories
  • Provides results that can be projected using a variety of employee/dependent tier options or on a per-member, per-month basis
  • Annually updates underlying utilization and unit-cost data.

PriceMODELER is powered by rREden & Anders' Managed Care Utilization Rate Estimates™ database, which can provide rates in detailed service categories, make adjustments for the level of medical management and more.

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