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Unnescessary visits to the doctor's office or the emergency room can run up the costs of an employer's health plan in a heartbeat. ConsultADoctor reduces those visits and lowers costs by providing your employees fast and quality access to physicians 24 hours a day.  ConsultADoctor members can consult with a board-certified physician by phone or email. Doctors can answer questions, diagnose common conditions and even write prescriptions when appropriate.  With ConsultADoctor, your clients and their employees will see fewer copays, hospital bills and unnecessary medical appointments, which will save them time and money.

Why ConsultADoctor?

Immediate Service: Doctors are always available to answer questions and give advice and recommendations for common health issues.

Easy to use: ConsultADoctor provides employees four ways to use the service:

  • On-call Tele-consult: Talk to a doctor immediately and receive medical advice and recommendations.
  • Priority Tele-consult: Talk to a doctor within one to three hours.  This service also can provide prescriptions or refills (requires completion of a medical assessment prior to consult)
  • By Appointment Tele-Consult: Set a time to talk to a doctor.  Next-day appointments are available.  This service also can provide prescriptions or refills (see above).
  • E-consult: Secure and discreet emailing for sensitive medical issues.  A doctor will respond within 24 hours.

Helps Contain Health Costs: ConsultADoctor can cut down on unnecessary medical visits and trim overall health care costs for clients and their workers by 25 per cent or more.

Enhance Productivity, Retention: ConsultADoctor can reduce absenteeism and help strengthen your benefits package so you recruit and retain top talent.

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