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CT, MRI and other medical scans and imaging can be expensive for your employees and can add to the cost burden of your health care plan.  DBM, a DiaTri company, can create a solution that will generate significant savings for your plan and your employees.  DBM provides access to a nationwide network of highly credentialed radiology facilities and can schedule a variety of procedures for your clients' employees - including CT scans, MRIs, PET scans, arthrograms, bone scans and more.  These services virtually erase costs to the employee and provide a valuable component to your overall benefits package.

DBM Help generate nearly 3 per cent savings compared with PPO rates. Here's how it works:

Without DBM

With DBM

MRI billed at $2000

MRI is ordered through DBM

PPO reduces bill to $1,300

DBM pays the facility and bills

employer/payer the DBM rate of $700

Plan pays 80% = $960

Plan pays 100% (saving $260)

Employee pays 20% = $340

Employee pays 0% (saving $340)

Quality Care:  DBM works with your employees to choose the best facilities at the best time and helps the employee prepare for the procedure.  DBM also works to ensure the physician knows the time and place of the test and receives the patient's results in a timely manner. 

Robust Network:  DBM has access to nearly 4,000 facilities in 47 states, meaning your employees won't have to travel far for their procedures.  Referrals can be made by the patient by phone, web, fax, email, or by having the physician call.  The average time on the phone for a referral is only three minutes.

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