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Employers spend more than $50 billion per year on paper processes in the administration of group insurance products, and benefits enrollment procedures make up a fair share of that total.  Reduce your administrative burden with benefitsCONNECT®, a web-based employee benefits enrollment and management system that streamlines enrollment processes, enhances benefits management and improves information-sharing among employees, employers and insurance providers.  Once plans and options are entered, benefitsCONNECT can program and schedule automatic data exports to your group insurance carriers and payroll company -- saving you time and reducing the cost of benefits enrollment.

Why benefitsCONNECT?

Improves the Enrollment Process: benefitsCONNECT streamlines the enrollment process by:

  • Enabling efficient data-sharing and transferring of information to any third party who can accept electronic files
  • Producing enrollment forms populated with information entered online by the employees for vendors who require forms
  • Producing online employee benefit statements
  • Allowing documents, such as SPDs or benefit overviews,  to be uploaded for employees to access any time
  • Including a modeling component to calculate benefit costs during the enrollment process

Boosts Management Capabilities: benefitsCONNECT can increase efficiency in benefits management by:

  • Leveraging the use of information collected for management of information collected for management reporting purposes (Data can be downloaded into Microsoft Excel or ACCESS to further customize reports)
  • Integrating benefit election data with existing internal systems such as payroll, HRIS and other corporate accounting and management systems
  • Producing vendor billing information
  • Maintaining a chronological transaction log - vital to the integrity and accountability of any benefits administration system.

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