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Big Enough for Small Businesses;

Small Enough for Big Employers

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There are many HR and benefits management tools on the market.  Some, like a robust HR Management System (HRMS), create great efficiencies but are simply too much for many benefit administrators of smaller companies, such as office managers, payroll or A/P staff, or controllers.  These overworked benefits administrators are looking for the 80/20 solution: producing 80% of the outcomes while only requiring to learn and perform 20% of the inputs. 

Benefits Manager may be just the tool for administrators who are comfortable with, and prefer, self administration, but frankly don’t have the time to learn and use a full blown HRMS.

Combine this tool with HR Workplace Advisory Services and the workload and responsibility of benefits administrators becomes streamlined, manageable, empowered, and confident.  And it’s a great self serve tool and resource for employees, a one stop for both benefit administrators and employees.

The full suite of tools and resources include:

  • On line resource for employers and employees
  • Secure employer website
  • Employee self service module, inputting personal data and plan elections
  • Employee contacts and personal data
  • Employees print carrier enrollment forms with prepopulated data and submit to HR
  • Employee benefit elections
  • Employee benefit statements
  • Assign employees by class, benefit group, divisions, departments
  • Audit trail
  • Carrier links and documents
  • Policy data
  • Employer contributions
  • Net employee rates
  • Benefit summaries and EOC’s
  • HR forms and document storage
  • Individual waiting periods
  • Waivers recorded

Employer benefits:

  • Reduced administrative time
  • Reduced enrollment time for employees
  • Increased accuracy of data, eliminate mistakes
  • Email group or individual employees
  • Preprogrammed reports: employee data, cost analysis, billing

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