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The Real World – It’s not an employer friendly world out there.  78% of surveyed employees believe all employers engage in hiring or promotion discrimination.  60% of all U.S. businesses have been sued in the past 5 years, with an average award of over $374,000. Attorney expenses to review a case can exceed $15,000 HR directors are swamped and their assistants are not fully informed or trained. 

Your World – When you need answers to tough HR questions, where can you go? Your lawyer? Friends? The web? These options either cost too much or leave you with incomplete answers. So we have teamed with ThinkHR, the leader in LIVE HR advice, to give you the answers you can trust.

Many Issues – Three Resources

  1. HR Hotline – Call the HR Hotline, and you will speak directly to SPHR/PHR certified consultants. You can get immediate guidance and best practices advice to handle the toughest HR issues swiftly, and get right back to business. Calls last 35 minutes on average and most are also followed up with a written summary.
  2. HR Library – Access thousands of online tools, forms, templates, and guides.
  3. On Demand HR Training– Use unlimited self-paced employee training from over 200 courses offered in six categories, including:
  • HR - Employment -- Benefits & Leave; Discrimination; Performance & Termination
  • Workplace Safety -- Emergency Planning; Hazardous Substance & Materials; Personnel Safety
  • Environmental Compliance -- Asbestos; Waste
  • Customer Service -- Communication Skills; Employee Attitude; Supervising
  • Unlawful Harassment Prevention -- CA AB1825
  • Wellness -- Creating A Program; Workplace Wellness

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