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46 Steps Reduced to Two

A company had 46 steps for File-Upload-Download processing to connect HR, payroll, time and attendance for processing.  MPO converted them to web-services that instantly connects HR, Payroll, Time and Attendance, Benefits, Accruals and Reports for processing which now only requires two steps.

This customer did not realize what the actual cost of the services they were paying for was until we provided them with a cost analysis.  This employer had 46 employees with ADP Total Source Solutions and paid $422,678 for year for payroll services, workers compensation and benefits.  We were able to reduce their cost to $184,503, a 56.35% savings.

Davis Bacon Made Simple

Davis Bacon fringe benefits reporting is very time intensive.  A custom developed tracking module made this tedious process a matter of click the boxes you need and instantly your report is populated, saving hours of time.

Costs Down, Features Up

A nonprofit group whose budget cuts forced them to cut costs.  We were able to give them substantially better processing times along with a much more connected HR and Payroll system. Annual cost went from $186,224 at $267.23 per employee with ADP to $99,107, $137.63 per employee.

Four Systems Reeduced to Two

An employer had 4 different systems used to process payroll, time and attendance, HR and bill clients.  Their processes were consolidated down to one system, cutting their processing time and labor costs dramatically.  A work matrix was designed to put out their work schedules, using that schedule information to upload into payroll which once approved created a bill to their customers.

Today employer groups are doing more with less and are forced to look for ways to cut their rising costs and automate their manual processes.  With MPO an employer can get one entry processing for much less than they are currently paying.  One employer reduced annual ADP costs from $95,840 to $56,600 and added recruitment, performance management, and salary planning at no cost.

Labor Allocation Made Easy

A company replaced their old time clocks and opted for a custom designed Labor Allocation Module, “the one of their dreams”.  The company gained incredible real time intelligence with which to manage their business.

Costs Down, Features Up

MPO reduced set up expense from $60,000 to $24,855 and annual payroll costs from $86,784 to $56,600 with comparable features but adding EDI file transfers to carriers.

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